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” Or they’d say, “The contrast of her looks and that mouth? I didn’t use that word with him, of course, because he wouldn’t know what it means.It’s so .” I felt like they weren’t getting a bigger picture of me. The issue you just touched on — the relationship between your appearance and your material — and the subject of gender and comedy is something I want to handle respectfully.

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I’ve had a lot of therapy, so having how I feel about myself being totally defined by outside forces — I’ve come a long way with that. ” He just smiled kindly and then I went, “Oh right. She plops back on the couch, behind which hangs a map of the country, and a giant American flag adorns the opposite wall. Silverman, dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants, her hair tucked under a “Beer Nuts” hat, is just over a week ahead of the show’s October 12 premiere on Hulu.And making poop jokes.” It’s been such a grim couple of weeks in the news, and the mood reminded me of something you said earlier this year on a talk show, about Donald Trump’s presidency making you feel dead inside. I’d be like, “Mom, this is good that you care, but every once in a while you gotta watch a is that you talk to people with whom you don’t have much politically or culturally in common — you go have dinner with a family in Louisiana that’s never met a Jew before. There are other shows that do it brilliantly: They interview someone and those people say real dumb shit and it’s very exposing. I’m interested in how people’s porcupine needles go down.

How do you push back against that kind of discouragement? If we’d heard about a show where, I don’t know, the idea was “ has dinner with New York Jews,” we’d be pretty skeptical about its purpose. I want people’s defenses to go down so that we can connect.But at the same time, I understand that art is subjective and that once I put it out, it’s simply not mine anymore. I really don’t want to be a dope but —David, you know I’ll tell you if you say something stupid.