Unmonitored video chats

07-Sep-2017 17:24

Again there is no option to buy add-on equipment beyond adding additional Canary units.

The i Smart Alarm KEEP camera alone doesn’t include any video monitoring.

It also includes a sensor with a microphone, siren, and a motion detector.

Live video is viewed from the Piper app and recorded video is included.

It will allow you to track your home’s temperature, humidity, and air quality.

All three companies offer video surveillance technology but they are all a little different.

Their Clip Saving feature allows users to download an unlimited amount of clips at no charge.

They don’t come with contracts, they don’t have monthly fees, but they also don’t have professional monitoring.

Piper will only record video if a security event occurs.

Recorded videos are usually 25 seconds long and Piper will keep up to 1000 snippets of recorded events in the cloud for free.

On the other hand, Piper is video surveillance that can expand to Z-Wave home automation and Canary is simply video surveillance with proprietary home automation.

Piper is unique in that you can add door/window sensors to increase home protection.Basically the system will reach out to those in your trusted circle if you are unreachable.

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