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Leeds is a city in north narrow land in England with around 761,100 inhabitants.Singles love the city of Leeds, because of its cultural activities, like the Leeds City Museum, the Abbey House Museum in the former gatehouse of Kirkstall Abbey with its walk-through Victorian streets and galleries describing the history of the abbey and the Victorian Leeds.Oh and FYI - Black Rat is a drink, not the local vermin.11. We're not referring to the toiletries shop or suggesting you're a drunk. The Bristol Balloon Festival is the highlight of the social calendar. Just warning you, if you expect to pick something nice up for us at Parkway.16. They actually make perfectly reasonable venues for night clubs. If we say we're taking you to see some art, we don't mean a trip to the museum. If you take us to the Night Glow, it will be the most romantic gesture ever (just be aware it's some balloons with their gas on, not a rave). In fact, the night club version is way better, so strap on your sea legs matey.17. We're asking where the thing you are talking about is located. England is an idyllic country for any one wishing to meet up with new and potential partners.Professionals who use the services of the Parship online dating agency will be able to take advantage of either the country’s beautiful rural areas or take some time to explore a new town or city.Laughter is always a good icebreaker and there are many comedy clubs, including The British Oak in Stirchley, while nearby Warwick Castle is another brilliant place to explore.

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The Ikon Gallery, with its dazzling art displays and convivial bars and cafes could prove to be the ideal place for a first encounter.If we take you to Clifton Village, we are showing you a REALLY good time, so be grateful. Which is handy, because Bristol has the best food in the country, probably the world (#RIPMagic Roll).It's basically the trendy Soho of Bristol, so try to look impressed. Unless we take you to the Corrie Tap - in that case, we're just trying to get you drunk. Singles will love the wide range of activities they can choose from.

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It includes the original home of the club nights Back 2 Basics and Speedqueen.

Our local news is the absolute best, so prepare to experience the best TV of your LIFE. Don't worry if you feel like you could lose a few pounds.

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