Text and fuck no credit card

02-Dec-2017 16:32

But, she’s most likely going to answer with, “Who is this”. She’ll be very curious and will probably start asking for a picture of you or your Snapchat/Instagram. After you’ve talked for a little bit, then you can push for the meet up if she hasn’t already. Getting a girl’s number through cold/warm approach is a little bit different than through a party because the girl knows you’re at least somewhat interested in her.I suggest telling the girl to take your number and to “text me your name”.Since she has so many options from guys she already knows, most girls don’t even give “randoms” a chance.And the ones that do get a chance, are ones that strike immediately before they forget about you. She likely got at least 5 other guys’ numbers and probably made out with a few if not slept with one.Continue texting for a few days before bringing it up.If you’re already friends with a girl and played it according to the Social Circle Game, she either just thinks of you as a friend which is fine, or just doesn’t want to make the first move. Invite her to the bar, a party, or if you think she likes you, your place.Until she proves herself to you, she’s just a random number (literally).

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If you’re really friends, they will always call back after that.

Also, you can text her every once in awhile about stuff YOU are doing.

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