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, I thought, and I mentioned him to Mike."What did his girlfriend look like? Here, we were presented the same challenge with a whole additional checklist of sexual criteria.

Weirdly, the negotiation was working wonders for my and Mike's ability to sense each other's moods and thoughts.

By night three, Alex and Michael had become our de facto guides, explaining the lifestyle's lingo, traditions, and safe-sex practices.

Alex says that everyone uses condoms and gives full disclosure: "I'd tell people right up front if I had an STI." Swing unto others the way you want others to swing unto you. After our third dinner, Mike and I went back to the hotel room (alone), and I brushed my teeth (not a euphemism). ""Do y — ugh, this is stupid."That night, at Club Hurricane, I spotted the first guy at Young Swingers Week I was actually attracted to, a dark-haired dude in his late 20s waiting to be served at the bar. Back home, it was hard enough to find a couple we both liked enough to go out to dinner with.

Hedonism II is a low-key nudist resort in Negril, Jamaica, for mostly middle-aged Americans, many of whom return annually to let it all hang out. I was there with Mike, my monogamous boyfriend of two years (OK, that's not his real name).

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Mike and I spent our mornings sunning on the Prude Beach, where I read Gay Talese's and eventually got bold enough to take off my bikini top. Mike and I weren't the only couple not getting busy in the Playroom.The next morning, I met (and attempted not to stare at the penis of) Brett, the founder of Young Swingers Week. "), and positively vibrating with frat-bro positivity, he is based in Florida and runs YSW with his wife, Lesley, a travel agent who now books for the weeks full-time.

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