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FBI investigators alleged that, in July 1997, Mark K. traced Toutjian's credit card and registration information to the motel. In a failed attempt to gain Toutjian's release on bond, his attorney actually announced in court that Toutjian was a Jehovah's Witness, in order to gain an advantage with the federal judge.

Toutjian traveled from his home in California to the girl's hometown of Sugar Land, Texas, spoke with her by phone, and ultimately went to her house. Media reports stated that Mark Toutjian was being supported by his fellow JWs, which would seem to indicate that he may have been an "Elder".

In 2013, a reader emailed us with details of an enlightening encounter that he had had with two older female JWs who came knocking at his door back in Summer 2012.

The two JW females' literature presentation was the same decades-old, tired , the Householder was finally allowed to respond -- but his response was not what the two older female JWs were expecting.

Neighbors of the Carlsons described the family as being overly close --with Willie being described as a "loner" who was kept from associating with non-JWs and particularly non-JWs of his own age.

Father and son frequently worked in the yard together, and Elder Carlson was said to even occasionally take the teenager with him to work at his janitorial job at Abbott Labs.

On February 11, 1999, a 44 year-old Jehovah's Witness, named Mark Toutjian, of Concord, California, was arrested by the F. The complaint alleged that their minor daughter had met Mark Toutjian in an internet "teen sex" chat room in June 1997. also discovered payment records for an airline ticket from Oakland to Houston.

This civil lawsuit was dropped after Willie Carlson's JW relatives reportedly pressured him to do so as part of his repentance to be accepted back into their good graces. THOMAS BLANKENSHIP was a 2002 Connecticut prosecution involving consensual sex between a young adult Jehovah's Witness Male and TWO DAUGHTERS of a JW Elder in one of the West Milford Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.

However, from 2001-02, the by-then 22 year-old JW Male began another consensual relationship with the same JW Elder's younger 14 year-old daughter.