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20-Aug-2017 22:15

By now it's a bit late for this year's Halloween so if you are buying a pre-made costume go somewhere like The Party People (not sponsored, we bought Mr NQN's costume but they do loan us the props) because you can actually try the costumes on there.Buying online is easy but one size fits all costumes are a crap shoot.It really helps get into the spirit of things plus if people are meeting for the first time, there is something already that they can talk about.If you are wearing a home made costume you need to start weeks ahead of time and look on ebay or the shops etc.This year Mr NQN bought a Slenderman Morph Suit on ebay and it was .Like completely laughable but he couldn't return it to the ebay store. Halloween music is definitely needed to get everyone in the mood.

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We served these once all of the guests had arrived (and they made quite an entrance, see below ;)).Tip 2: Decorate while channelling your inner Morticia Addams.Every year in Australia the Halloween decorations get crazier and more varied.Often I am asked for tips on throwing a Halloween party and this year I thought I'd share my top 5 Halloween party tips with you!

Because as you may know, Halloween this year is on a Saturday so that means that it's the perfect night for a party! I wanted somewhere new creatively speaking than our apartment which is very small.So the night before Halloween when we went to The Party People to get props, he tried on six outfits before he arrived at one he liked. There are plenty of sound effects online but you generally want tracks that are going to last a few minutes.