Judy reyes and donald faison dating

09-Aug-2017 14:35

With her very strong will, in her jeans she jumped into some freezing cold water and got soaking wet. JR: “We went back to the east coast because that’s where most of my siblings and her grandparents are. Her cousins and friend were there and played for a good two hours until they were ready to pass out. Maybe one day.” CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

She had ice cream cake and slept all the way home.” CBS: Are you hoping to try for baby No. JR: “I never thought that I was built for motherhood, but it came very naturally to me.

Cox's brother-in-law and good friend, who's battling leukemia.

alum and her partner George Valencia welcomed first child Leila Rey in November 2009.

CBS: It’s so great to see you on the small screen again! Sarah had a baby close to mine, so I know she’s up to her neck in motherhood as well.

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“It’s been been an absolute joy spending my time with her,” Judy tells Celebrity Baby Scoop.It’s been been an absolute joy spending my time with her. And it’s about this young girl, honor student Gaby Rodruigez (Vega in the film). Ken Jenkins has just set up a pilot.” CBS: What’s up next for you? There’s a film that my partner George is attached to, and there’s another television project that I’m developing myself.