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21-Jul-2017 17:57

The case is centred on his alleged remark to an audience that Mr Sukarno had written an earlier version of Pancasila that did not prioritise a belief in God.

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Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono told The Straits Times yesterday that experts are investigating the authenticity of the materials before summoning the alleged individuals for questioning.

"When you have a lot of volatility like you had in August and like you had earlier this month, you have some managers who don't manage it well and the get whipsawed," Steinbrugge said." And if you get whipsawed, taking off your exposure right before the market takes off, you're basically locking in bad numbers relative to your competition and you're going to look bad." The third factor is liquidity — or illiquidity.… continue reading »

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Russell's views and comments have fueled internet outrage, to the point that what he's doing feels a bit like performance art; he may even be saying stereotypically racist things to incite anger and draw more attention to his site.… continue reading »

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