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In 2015, Marriott International’s Senior Director Experience Design, Christopher Baer, became a huge proponent of Brain Dates.He had registered for C2 Montréal already hoping to make great connections, but was delighted to discover that there was a platform that took the guesswork out of finding the right people to meet with., 'Twitter', 'width=640,height=300')" href=" url=https:// dating and the modern conference-goer from @C2Montreal&related=C2Montreal&hashtags=C2M17" ']); return !, 'Linked In', 'width=640,height=300')" href=" Article? mini=true&url=https:// dating and the modern conference-goer&summary=For some conference goers, there is nothing more stressful than the idea of, 'Facebook', 'width=640,height=300')" href="https:// Many would rather pull out their smart phones and check their emails than take the risk of approaching a stranger to introduce themselves or get stuck in the wrong conversation.If you are more of a last minute person, you may still get the chance to make Brain Dates.You can head over to the lounge where the matchmakers will help you set up your profiles and connect you with people who may have last minute cancellations or are last minute drop-ins like yourself. Do these Brain Dates facilitate better connections?Again, the more granular your request, the more likely it is that you’ll get a good match for a Brain Date.

“When good connections are made, there is no better feeling,” Renaud explained, “Brain Dates remove the barriers to networking and help people get to the meaningful conversations right away.The guided process takes away all of the guesswork on who you are meeting with and why.Here is how it works: A few weeks before the conference, attendees get an email with a link to register to Hub.“After I discovered Brain Dating, I ended up booking my schedule solid because there were so many cool people there that I wanted to meet with,” Baer recalls.

He expected to make some good connections, but he didn’t expect that he would spend the majority of his time at C2 in the Brain Dating area.

Offers are what you could teach or give another C2 participant.