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28-Nov-2017 03:27

Harry, Will and Kate were Olympic Ambassadors during the London Games in August 2012, and all three were enthusiastic cheerleaders in the stands for all the athletes and the British teams in particular.In August 2012, just before deploying to Afghanistan, Harry went to Las Vegas where he got naked playing pool at a party.Up until now, most of the reporting and the books written about the funeral indicated it was William, bereft and angry, especially at the media, who objected most strongly to walking in the cortege.It was their grandfather, Prince Philip, who offered to walk with them and advised William, then 15, that he would probably regret it if he didn't.Shock and awe for Harry and his brother in September 1997, when Diana was killed in a Paris car crash and Britain erupted in an outpouring of grief.

We are not doing this for ourselves, but for the greater good of the people.

Princess Diana was not a monarch and her sons were children.

Core inflation rates have also been low, although not as remarkably so, as they do not capture the large fall in oil prices over recent years.… continue reading »

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