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Meanwhile, Koprowski had met a Belgian scientist named Ghislain Courtois, who held a senior public health laboratory position in the country then called the Belgian Congo.Because polio was endemic in the Congo in both Africans and Europeans [7, 8], permission for human vaccination in this region was readily obtained from the Belgian authorities.Mass vaccination campaigns were undertaken in the Congo, starting in February 1957 in various villages in northeastern Congo where polio infections were occurring, and leading up to a major campaign in the Ruzizi Valley that was conducted February–April 1958 [9].At the time, Sabin was preparing for mass vaccination campaigns in what was then the Soviet Union.A type 1 strain, called SM, was reported in 1954 [2], and its descendant, a virus called “CHAT” was reported in 1957 [3].The latter strain concerns us here, for in 1999, a British journalist published a book called [4], which proposed the hypothesis that CHAT had been produced in cells from chimpanzees that were contaminated with the simian precursor of HIV type 1 (HIV-1) group M, the major agent of the AIDS epidemic. For a proper understanding of the events recalled in this article, the state of polio vaccine development in the late 1950s is germane.

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Whether you are looking for fun, friends, love or marriage, we are confident you’ll find the right one for you, or have fun trying!Later investigations by myself and by my colleagues are detailed in an article to be published with the conference proceedings [11].These investigations showed no evidence of the presence of chimpanzees in Bujumbura and no evidence for removal of kidneys from chimps at that site; and evidence was found that contradicted the assertion of vaccine manufacture at veterinary laboratories.However, SIVagm is too distant from HIV-1 to have been its origin.

The publication of are based on 2 assertions: first, that the CHAT vaccine was prepared in kidneys obtained from SIV-infected chimpanzees from a colony established in the Belgian Congo; and second, that there was a coincidence in the locations of sites where vaccine was administered and sites where early cases of AIDS were identified.

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