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Credit for the idea goes to a friend of mine that you may see on the bbs's a lot, know as "Eightbore". The distance from the front of the shell port to the front of the receiver is approximately 19/32" in a 2 9/16 gun, and exactly 17/32" in a properly converted gun. Look in the shell port and find the ejector at the back of the barrel extension, just in front of the breech bolt.Also notice that the barrel sits farther forward in the converted gun. It is the part that is round in the front and has two prongs that stick out in the back.I took 2 credit cards and cut them down to a T shape with the long leg of the "t" at 2 3/4" and with one the width of a 16 ga and the other a 12 ga.

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So, she spent a majority of the night wiggling it in hopes of the Tooth Fair paying her a visit ASAP. [My daughter] Sophia waits in the waiting room and then off we go...

At one point, Tish even lovingly smacked Billy Ray on his booty while he stood up to dance.

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Someone who is enslaved emotionally to you is dependent on you (emotions-wise) for her happiness and survival. Now at this point, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of new information that I’ve given you so far. This technique is called Fractionation, and is known to be able to make women fall in love quickly – sometimes in as little as ten minutes. You already know that women are by nature fickle creatures. (Learn Fractionation from the Masterclass link above, or .) In this step, you’ll be exploiting the intrigue and curiosity that you’ve been building in her during the first two steps above (Disqualification and the Freeze-Out). When a woman tells you that she is “not interested”, she’s in fact , don’t sweat it.… continue reading »

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