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11-Dec-2017 18:31

I felt like there was a doo-wop group on every corner back then. The Yankees were playing the Pirates in the World Series... My dad and I would go to Yankee Stadium and see the Yankees win. It was 1960 and doo-wop was the sound on the streets. stood the number-one man in the neighborhood, Sonny. I would sit on my stoop and watch him, all day and night. Hey, get the fuck out of our neighborhood, fucking niggers! All I could see was Sonny with the gun in his hand.

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has picked up his twelfth World Series base hit in . So just for spite, he would never utter a spoken word. He was "Mush" because everything he touched turned to mush. You know how often I have to drive that bus back and forth...

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He would call everybody "Mary." Me and my friends would love to break his balls.

I realized a man died, and I lied and committed a mortal sin.