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For now, two different styles of web pages will appear until I am able to make the complete transition to using Wordpress. If they did, the FDA and DEA gestapo would move in to seize the herbs and remove them from the market.

The FDA and DEA actions are protecting the market monopolies of the pharmaceutical Corps.

At a death rate of 175 victims per day (64,000 per year) from FDA narcotics as well as those smuggled into the US from Mexico, remedial action is overdue.

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Another problem is that the alleged deaths they report have been associated with smoking Kratom to get high.It has been written that while Nero fiddled, Rome burned.Today, politicians have inherited a mess with the national opioid epidemic that is claiming 175 lives every day.who manufacture narcotics and opiates that are directly contributing to the national health crisis that is taking 175 lives every day.

Conflicts of interest: A Congressional investigation into the link between FDA managers and supervisors and the drug companies that manufacture narcotics is long overdue.If the politicians along with the FDA, and the DEA continue to listen to the same people who created this mess for personal profit and to please political donors, the bodies will continue to stack up.

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In a new interview, Prince Harry explains the torture of walking behind Princess Diana's casket on live TV in front of the entire world. 6, 1997, funeral will forget the sight of a 12-year-old Harry marching through the streets of London behind his mother's coffin, accompanied by his father, Prince Charles; his brother, Prince William; his grandfather, Prince Philip; and his maternal uncle, Charles Spencer."My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television," Harry, now 32, shared during an interview with how he had repressed his memories of her death in a Paris car accident.… continue reading »

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They are bringing the power of the modern web to a 400-year-old process in order to make research more open, collaborative, accessible, transparent and data-driven. is the New York-based startup dedicated to making dogs and their people happy.… continue reading »

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