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In this example, the metadata track is set to Platform Presented when enabled.For text-based tracks, this means that the system will automatically display the text cues in the track.Instead, call the Media Playback Item object's Set Presentation Mode method, passing in the index of the track you want to toggle, and then providing a value from the Timed Metadata Track Presentation Mode enumeration.The presentation mode you choose depends on the implementation of your app.When the toggle button is toggled off, the presentation mode is set to Disabled, which means that no text is displayed and no cue events are raised. As you are processing the metadata tracks, you can access the set of cues within the track by accessing the Cues or Active Cues properties.You can do this to update your UI to show the cue locations for a media item. Apply Display Properties(props); For some scenarios, you may have external files that contains timed text associated with a media item, such as separate files that contain subtitles for different locales.Similar to audio tracks and video tracks, the timed metadata tracks for a media item can be discovered by handling the Timed Metadata Tracks Changed event of a Media Playback Item.

The following example shows how to play back a user-selected media file in a Media Player using Media Source. //Create a new picker var file Picker = new Windows. Source = _media Playback Item; media Player Element.

The Tag property of each button is set to the index of the associated metadata track so that it can be identified when the button is toggled.

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