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The only thing that can break up a relationship are the partners themselves."— Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at California State University, San Bernardino how the rest of the relationship will go.One thing that'll give you an advantage in the game of love?Soaking up all the wisdom you can from relationship therapists, researchers, matchmakers, and more.It’s best not to try to make something that is meant to be seasonal or temporary into a lifelong relationship.Let go and enjoy the journey."— April Beyer, matchmaker and dating and relationship expert"This may sound obvious, but you can't imagine how many people come to couples therapy too late, when their partner is done with a relationship and wants to end it.'No relationship is perfect' shouldn't be used as a rationalization for complacency."— Irina Firstein, LCSW, individual and couples therapist"A friend taught me that no matter how in love you are or how long you've been together, it's important to take an exhale from your partnership.Hang out with girlfriends until late in the evening, take a weekend trip to visit family, or just spend time 'doing you' for a while. D., assistant professor of communication, Texas State University"'You are my everything' is a lousy pop-song lyric and an even worse relationship plan. Create relationships outside The Relationship, or The Relationship isn't going to work anymore."— Matt Lundquist, LCSW, couples therapist"Sex isn't just about orgasms.

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As part of Committed, we're exploring partnerships ranging from a textbook marriage between high-school sweethearts to a gay couple creating a life together in the conservative deep South.

That is why it is important to pay attention to what you and your partner actually do for each other as expressions of love...

not just how you feel about each other in the moment."— Jeremy Nicholson, Ph.

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Relationships don’t look like they used to (and that's a good thing).Then when you go home to Yours Truly, you'll both be recharged and ready to come together even stronger."— Amy Baglan, CEO of Meet Mindful, a dating site for people into healthy living, well-being, and mindfulness"Researchers have found that four conflict messages are able to predict whether couples remain together or get divorced: contempt, criticism, stonewalling (or withdrawal), and defensiveness. It's about sensation, emotional intimacy, stress relief, improved health (improved immune and cardiovascular system), and increased emotional bonding with your partner, thanks to the wonderful release of hormones due to physical touch.

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